Pictures of Stygg Sylt

We brought you some pictures of relevance for the band, just to annoy you ;-)


You can see right here the Stygg police car just before we brought our spray cans to demolish it with graffitti saying "VI ÄTER STATEN!" (we eat the state), thus transforming it into a Styggmobile.

Felicia Fecusia

This is a picture of Felicia Fecusia our most silent and hard working member. Notice Minidisc Recorder MZ-1 at the left and cool sticker saying "This Machine Kills Fascists" on front, along with the penguin Tux "Powered by Linux" plate.

Noise Profile

This is a snapshot of the noise profile of Kaye's bathroom, which was used as recording studio for the choir arrangements on "Gammal Fäbodpsalm Remix" which can be found on the site. The secret of our over-average sound quality is all software. We all use crap equipment.