Previous Weeks Recipe - Soup

980426 Gazpacho de Madrid
I think you should try Gazpacho, here is a good one so why not try it?
980416 Gulashsuppe
One my father invites friends he often does theis hungarian soup, I love it.
980409 Weekday Vegetable Soup
I try to have soup one day each week, I like this because it is easy and tasteful.
980402 Vegetarian Onion Soup
I like to do this when I am alone. Easy and Good.
980325 Chicken Posole
A mexican chicken soup, what I will have at my table on friday.
980319 Garbanzo Party
I just have to say try this dish.
980312 Cream of Cheese Soup
I love to have a soup then it's cold outside, this is a rich soup to try with a good piece of bread.
980305 Minestrone Soup
This was one of my favourite dishes then a was in primary school, and I still like it a lot.
980226 Split Pea Soup
A soup with a lot of vegetables.
980219 Polish Borsh
Perfect for a cold febuary day.
980212 Tom Yam Kung -Thai Prawn Soup with Lemongrass
A hot and sour soup, one of the speciality in thai food. I love thai food.

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