Previous Weeks Recipe - Poultry

980426 Spicy Chicken with Potato
One of my favourite chicken dish, it's very easy to do but still very nise.
980416 Chicken with Garlic Sauce
Once more a chinese recipe, I think most people will love it. Invite your friend and make these chicken and I promise you will have a suurb evening.
980409 Lemon Chicken
This is a different kind of lemon chicken that don't require frying.
980402 Duck - Hashed
Here is a Duck recipe that I think is suitable to try this easter.
980325 40 Cloves of garlic
Yes, here is a dish for all garlic lover.
980319 Chicken in Poblano Sauce
Hot food is wonderful, try this chicken dish. If you want it hotter take more chilies.
980312 Thai Chicken
This is a barbecued chicken with a lot of taste, serve this with sticky rice and papaya salad (Som Tam) and you have a nice Isarn meal. I can't stop loving thai food.
980305 Chicken Mole
A very special dish. I know that a some will think it is a little strange with all this spicies but it is as mexican as it could be. Why not try it one you want something new?
980226 Almond Bonless Chicken
A chinese chicken recipe, almond and chicken is a nice combination.
980219 Curried Chicken with Cashew Nuts
I love cashew nuts, this is a nice recipe that I recomend you to try.
980212 Chicken with Honey
Chicken is always one of my favourite food. Here you have one with a lot of taste.

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