Previous Weeks Recipes - Meat

980426 Moussaka
One friend to my family ones mad moussaka when we visit them, I liked it a lot and can still remember the taste.
980416 Sate Babi
This week I suggest you to try a philipino sate. My friend from the philiphines just love it.
980409 Zinfandel Beef Stew
A classic beef stew for every occasion.
980402 Indonesian Beef Satay
An Indonesian Satay with a taste that I like a lot, shold be tried.
980325 Panang Beef
Beef that taste a lot of Thailand. For me thaifood always will be something special. Aroy Makmaj
980319 Lasanga
I like to eat pasta and lasanga is always on of my favourites. This is a lasanga that I have done to my mother and sister and they loved it.
980312 Bob Jamieson's Meatloaf
A good Meatloaf is wonderful to have sometimes, this is one you should try.
980305 Broccoli and Beef
If you like to have some vegetable with your beef I think you should try this one.
980226 Lamb Baryani
Why don't try to lamb this week?
980219 Taco Pie
I like mexican food and I like casseroles, taste good on a friday night with the family.
980212 Veal and Mushrooms
If you like to have wine and mushroom in your food I think you will enjoy this veal a lot.

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