Previous Weeks Recipes - Fish

980426 Ceviche
I kind of like Ceviche, i think you should eat it more often.
980416 Fish and Chips
I don't think I need to present this dish, try it.
980409 Red Snapper with Sauce Roquefort
A wonderful fish dish, what you can serve everyday. If you want to invite some friends to eat with you, here you have a great dish.
980402 Pickled Herrings
In Sweden we use to eat a lot of diffrent kind of pickled herring at eastertime. This is a danish recipe a little bit diffrent from the Swedish. Maybe it would be fun for easter.
980325 Griddled Trout with Herbs
This is a little bit of diffrent fish recipe, that I think you should try someday.
980319 Tuna and White Wine Pasta Sauce
Tuna and Pasta is a nice combination, I do this a lot then I not feel for meat. Easy and fast.
980312 Calamari Imbotti
Why don't try this italian fish dish?
980305 Tom's Fish Chowder
A very rich fish chowder perfect for a cold evening with some friends.
980226 Catfish Teriyaki
Why don't try to do this a little exotic japanese fish dish?
980219 Pasta with Anchovies and Broccoli
Pasta and fish, is a nice combination.
980212 Salmon with Fresh Vegetables
It is salmon do I have to say anything more?

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