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980426 Apple Strudel
My aunt like apple strudel a lot, she had me to try it every time we went to an austrian restaurant. I can tell you that I liked it too.
980416 Pear Sorbet
Right nw I feel for some Pear Sorbet, a delighted dessert
980409 Texas Pecan Candy Cake
A cake that is well worth a try.
980402 White Chocolate Fantasy Cake
A marvelous cake that I will make for my boyfriends birthday.
980325 Key Lime Cremé Bruleé
A classic dessert, my grandmother's favourite.
980319 Lemon Pudding Cake
A good desert for many different ocasions.
980312 Rhubarb Dessert
The spring is coming and so are the rhubarb. This is a danish rhubarb dessert, that at least I like a lot.
980305 French Chocolate Mousse
I really love chocolate, and chocolate mousse is no exeption from that... Maybe not a dessert for everyday use, but it's nice to try sometimes.
980226 Fruit Salad
A low-fat dessert with a lot of taste...
980219 Peach Cobbler
Yammi, yammi, yammi.
980212 Tiramisu
A classic Italian dessert, very nice for Valentine's day.

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