At this page I will show you a lot of really good recipe. Each Thursday, it will come new recipes.

If you have a recipe you would like to share with others or see on this page, you can send them to Recipe of the week.

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One friend to my family ones mad moussaka when we visit them, I liked it a lot and can still remember the taste.


Spicy Chicken with Potato
One of my favourite chicken dish, it's very easy to do but still very nise.


Gazpacho de Madrid
I think you should try Gazpacho, here is a good one so why not try it?


I kind of like Ceviche, i think you should eat it more often.


Bati Chorchori
It's hard to describe it's easier if you try it yourself. You will not regreat it.


Apple Strudel
My aunt like apple strudel a lot, she had me to try it every time we went to an austrian restaurant. I can tell you that I liked it too.

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