Recipe search

These search-engines will let you access a recipe-database with almost 4000 recipes. You can chose to search in three different way.

Keyword search

I like this one a lot, the only thing is that you have to use it a lot before it's getting easy to use, because you have to know the different keywords. It will help to look at the keywords that you can use.

This is the most precise search-method (and the most difficult to master), you can get recipies grouped in useful categories. There are several hundred different keywords with ingredients, countries and food-categories.

Will let you search for recipes with one or more keywords, all keywords must always be written in English. All searches are case-insensitive. Matches are found if all given keywords are contained within a recipe.

You can choose different language-types, All, English, Swedish. This will only mean that recipies written in that particular language will be shown, the keywords still has to be written in English.

Preceed any keyword with "!" to not include it.

Characters "*" and "?" can be used in the normal sence.

Ex: "meat fruit"
All recipes with with keywords "meat" and "fruit".

Ex: "meat fruit !garlic"
As above but not the recipes containing "garlic".

Ex: "blue* !main_course"
All non maincourse with blue-anything.

Ex: You are looking for a recipe Broccoli and Chicken, you search on "broccoli chicken" then you will get all recipies with the keywords "chicken" and "broccoli".

Normal errors

  • Didn't separate different keywords with space.
  • Didn't write all keywords in english. Choosing a different language only means that recipies written in that particular language will be shown.
  • Using AND, NOT, OR or something similar, since they will wrongly be interpreted as keywords.
  • Multiword-keywords typed incorrectly. Remember that space seperates different keywords i.e typing "main course" will be interpreted as two different keywords "main" and "course". All multiword-keywords are "connected" with underscore like "main_course"

  • Title substring search

    Will let you substring-search for a recipe-name in the database. You can limit your search by optional giving recipe-language. Note that since it's a substring search it's unessesary and wrong to use wildcards.

    This is the easiest method if you know what the recipie is called but don't know what the ingredients are. Also very useful if you have a hunch but don't exactly know what you are looking for.

    Ex: You want a recipe for Chicken Marsala, then the easiest way to find it to use Title substring search. You could write it all, and get all recipies with Chicken Marsala in the title. But sometime you might not be sure of the spelling or either on your part or the spelling in the database, then it could be better to search on just a part of the name like marsala or even mars.

    Ex: You are looking for a recipe with Broccoli and Chicken. You search for "broccoli and Chicken" then you will get all recipes that have it in the title.

    Normal errors:

  • Using wildcards and others when it's unessesary and not supported.

  • Global substring search

    Here you can search for any arbitary words in the free-text of all recipies, in Altavista-style.

    This is the brute-force method when you haven't a clue howto find what you are looking for. Very inprecise, somewhat slow and you might get way to many hits, use with care...

    These have the normal operation:

  • Paranteses: (, ).
  • Operators: AND, OR and NOT
  • Wildcard: *
    NOTE: Operators must be UPPERCASE.

    Ex: "duck AND garlic"
    All recipies where the words duck and garlic appears.

    Ex: "(selleri OR garlic) AND duck"
    All recipies where duck appears and either selleri or garlic.

    Ex: You are looking for broocli and Chicken and you search for "broccoli AND chicken" then you will get all recipe where the words "broccoli" and "chicken" appear.
    You could also search for "*broccoli and chicken*"when you will get all recipe where the string "broccoli and chicken" appear.

    Normal errors

  • Didn't write operators OR, AND or NOT UPPERCASE.
  • Syntax error in line, like parantesis mismatch
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