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  • Ugnsbakade Bönor
    beans, main_course, vegetable, vegetarian
  • Ugnsbakade Päron med Mandelmassa
    alcohol, almond, dessert, fruit, ice_cream, pear
  • Ugnsgryta med Sojabönor
    celery, garlic, main_course, parsley, soyabean, stew, tomato, vegetable, vegetarian
  • Ukrainian Babbka
    almond, dessert, egg, pastry, ukrainian, vanilla
  • Ukrainian Black Bread
    coffee, pastry, plain_bread, rye, ukrainian
  • Ukrainian Cabbage Rolls
    cabbage, ground_meat, main_course, meat, rice, ukrainian, vegetable
  • Uncle Boudreaux's Catfish with Tartar Sauce
    catfish, cayenne, egg, fish, french, lemon, main_course, olives, sauce, vegetable
  • Uncle Boudreaux's Soppin' Stew
    alcohol, bay_leaf, beef, carrot, celery, main_course, meat, parsley, stew, vegetable, wine
  • Uncle Dave's Lamb and Rice
    bay_leaf, carrot, celery, egg, lamb, main_course, meat, mushroom, rice, vegetable
  • Uncooked Chocolate Squares
    candy, chocolate, cookies, nuts, pastry
  • Under The Covers
    chicken, main_course, poultry, stew
  • Ungerskt Bondbröd
    bran, hungarian, pastry, plain_bread, potato, roots, vegetable
  • Uppama
    cabbage, chili, ginger, indian, main_course, mustard, peas, potato, vegetable, vegetarian
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