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Vortex from replication of Viktor Schauberger's "Stuttgart experiment"

Water research
You can find information on my research on alternative water treatment and restoration of rivers related to Viktor Schauberger's theories at the Institute of Ecological Technology.

If you are new to the field, you may find my introductions to various unconventional water reseach areas in Water Calendar interesting.

There is also some information at Vortex World, maintained by my friend and colleague Curt Hallberg. Jens Landgré has a nice site on Viktor Schauberger material too.

The Swedish Association for New Physics maintains an archive of diverse unconventional research topics.

Longitudinal electrodynamic forces research
Here you can find my Master of Science Thesis on Longitudinal Electrodynamic Forces. You can either browse the html-version online, or download it in pdf  format.

Lars Johansson, April 16:th 1998
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