Current projects

These are some of the many projects that I'm currently working on. If there had been more than 24 hours a day, this list would most likely have been much longer.

o Implementor of Grimne DikuMUD.

o Working some at AXIS Communications AB.

o Implementing a free ICQ server in perl. It has a fairly complete support of version 5 of the ICQ protocol.

o Find some spare time to meet my girlfriend :-)

Finished projects

o I was a member of the CSD-96 project.

o Did my master thesis at AXIS Communications AB.

o Studied? Well, I must have since they gave me a degree in Master of Science in Computer Science and Technology...

Dead projects

o Add more stuff to these pages.

o Get my Amiga working...

o Implementor of Blutima Diku-MUD.

o Trying to learn Java.