Observing the battle site

If you take part in the game either skip this part or read them and remember to role-play you don't know what happened.)

Manon studies the scene more carefully:
Counting horses and men, trying to figure out what kind of military 
group this was. (cavalry, scout, recognition or similar) As well as 
trying to see what have happened, from where they have been attacked, 
what kind of military group the attackers where, from where they 

(You count 21 men, 6 horses, all dead.
This was apparently a light cavalry company, probably consisting of an
officer and two maneuver units.  The bodies are spread out over a 50 yard
area, and some apparently died while trying to flee.  Many of their mounts
were taken by the victors, northward.  Some mounts apparently left singly,
in various directions, but you don't believe any riders survived.  Several of
the dead apparently did not draw their weapons.  It appears as though this
was an ambush of some sort, and that the attackers were at very close range
when they struck.)

Manon will ride closer to examine the corpses and dismount if 
necessary to have a better feel of the battleground. Was this party 
ambushed, did they try to flee or did they stand their ground. Is 
there any bodies that are not Tixian army? Is the weapons and amour 
left behind, did the conquering party bother to loot?

(They stood their ground until many fell, then the remainder attempted to flee
south, and didn't make it, from the look of things.  The attackers either lost no
one or took their dead with them -  all bodies wear Tixian uniforms.  The attackers
appear to have taken many of the surviving mounts, but the bodies have their
valuables and weapons.)

Manon will use his tactics and strategy training to determine what 
have happened. Trying to recapitulate the battle.

(The attackers attacked suddenly, dropping perhaps half a dozen of the 
cavalrymen in the first few seconds.  It appears that the attackers were
on foot, and traveling from the south when they met the cavalrymen, who were
apparently moving west to east(perhaps on a patrol around the city). 
Passing near the group on foot, the battle erupted.  About a dozen dead lie
near where you believe the battle began, weapons in hand or nearby.  They were all
killed by blades or arrows or both.  To the south about 30 yards are the remaining
bodies, most of them struck in the back by arrows.  They lie in a rather close
group, along with a couple of horses killed by arrows as well.)

(Another thing you note:
It seems many of the men did not immediately die from their wounds.  Many 
of them had their throats slit, finishing them.)

Manon tries to figure out how many attackers there where and how long 
ago the battle or ambush took place.

(You imagine it would take 15-30 unmounted men to obliterate a company of
21 cavalrymen.  The carnage looks to be a day or two old.)

Trying to track the departing party from the battle scene the captain 
is interested in determining if all of them where mounted or if there 
where people on foot as well.

(It is hard to tell.  You have a single file of boot-tracks with a single-file
of hoofprints immediately to the the left, as if the men led the horses
away, rather than riding them.)

More observations

If you take part in the game either
skip this part or read them and remember to role-play you don't know what happened.)
Ehron tries to find the captain or leader of the slain party to see 
if he can find any vital information on the corpse. Manon will be 
looking for papers, insignias, instructions or similar.

(While you are tracking, Kirion and Mac are pulling things from various
bodies, including the leader.  When you get to him, most of his things 
have already been gone through.  You find in one of his vest pockets a
parchment, somewhat bloodsoaked, which gives the man's name and appointment
to the Tix Republic Army, Cavalry, in the rank of Captain.  His name was
Orothor Agoth, which means nothing to you.  His weapons have been placed in
a small pile with the others.)

Suitable camp site?

If you take part in the game either
skip this part or read them and remember to role-play you don't know what happened.)

(No, because the bodies will draw predators/scavengers for a while even once
buried.  You should definitely camp somewhere a mile or two from the battle

From now on Manon will be very alert looking and listening closely on 
what is going on around him.