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LINK280forth  (Jan 6 1998, 132 KB)
FIG FORTH v1.1a for the Z280.
LINK86misc  (Mai 11 1999, 32 KB)
Some more CP/M-86 programmers utilities.
LINKINDEX  (Jun 6 11:42, 4 KB)
Keine nähere Information vorhanden...
LINKcb68  (Dez 30 1997, 88 KB)
Here is Digital Research's CBASIC for the 68000. NOTE : I'm told that this is a compiler, not an interpreter. That's even better.
LINKcb80v13  (Jun 1 1998, 48 KB)
CB80 v1.3.
LINKcb80v20  (Mai 16 1999, 112 KB)
CB80 v2.0.
LINKcbasic2  (Jun 16 1999, 288 KB)
CBASIC v2 in postscript format. This manual is for the 8080/Z80 version of CBASIC. Use with CP/M-80, version 1.4or higher.
LINKcbasic80  (Apr 11 1998, 28 KB)
Cbasic v2.8 for CP/M 2.2 or CP/M 3.0.
LINKcbasic86  (Aug 29 1997, 96 KB)
CBASIC for CP/M 86.
LINKcobol80  (Dez 5 1997, 132 KB)
DRI COBOL for CP/M-80.
LINKcpm86-pr  (Sep 18 1997, 56 KB)
Programmers Utilities for CP/M-86
LINKdrc86  (Sep 1 1997, 256 KB)
A C compiler for CP/M-86. I understand that this one has some limitations, but here it is. Surely it's better than nothing.
LINKdrc86111  (Aug 17 1999, 384 KB)
C compiler with modified header files, PCBIOS interface in RASM86 & Batch files to assist compiling under CP/M-86 DOS emulator, specifically for porting Turbo C code to CP/M-86.
LINKdripas  (Aug 25 1997, 288 KB)
This is the Pascal MT+ compiler for the 8080/Z80. Includes the Speed Programming Package for PASCAL MT+.
LINKdxforth  (Sep 16 1998, 164 KB)
This is DX Forth, for CP/M-80.
LINKf77-86  (Okt 10 1997, 304 KB)
There has been a dire rumor that Digital Research never did a Fortran compiler. Well, here is a Fortran-77 compiler for CP/M-86 (version 4.0) that is DEFINATELY from Digital Research.
LINKforth68k  (Dez 5 1997, 160 KB)
This is FORTH 83 system for CP/M-68K. The code is public domain, but the manual is copyrighted (by Compupro). So, here is the code, but no manual will be FORTHcoming (pun intended).
LINKforth80  (Okt 16 1997, 316 KB)
Here is a public domain FORTH 83 for 8080/Z80 CP/M systems, version 2.
LINKlink80m  (Jun 17 1998, 156 KB)
LINK 80 Postscript manual. Use with CP/M-80 or MP/M-80. Note that the LINK-80 manual also contains achapter on RMAC, and detailed discussions on support for PL/I-80.
LINKm2cbasic  (Aug 31 1997, 100 KB)
Microsoft Basic to CBASIC translator for CP/M-86.
LINKmac-b  (Aug 14 1997, 40 KB)
This is the MAC 8080 macro assembler.
LINKmt8633cp  (Jun 7 1998, 304 KB)
This is PASCAL MT+ version 3.3 for CP/M-86.
LINKmtp561  (Jun 14 1998, 176 KB)
This is version 5.6.1 of Pascal MT+.
LINKmtpug_01  (Sep 17 1998, 100 KB)
Pascal MT+ Users Group Disk#1
LINKmtpug_02  (Sep 16 1998, 92 KB)
Pascal MT+ Users Group Disk#2
LINKmtpug_03  (Sep 16 1998, 96 KB)
Pascal MT+ Users Group Disk#3
LINKmtpug_04  (Sep 16 1998, 96 KB)
Pascal MT+ Users Group Disk#4
LINKmtpug_05  (Sep 16 1998, 44 KB)
Pascal MT+ Users Group Disk#5
LINKmtpug_06  (Sep 16 1998, 60 KB)
Pascal MT+ Users Group Disk#6
LINKmtpug_07  (Sep 16 1998, 80 KB)
Pascal MT+ Users Group Disk#7
LINKmtpug_08  (Sep 16 1998, 84 KB)
Pascal MT+ Users Group Disk#8
LINKmtpug_09  (Sep 16 1998, 80 KB)
Pascal MT+ Users Group Disk#9
LINKmtpug_10  (Sep 16 1998, 72 KB)
Pascal MT+ Users Group Disk # 10.
LINKpas-mt86  (Nov 3 1997, 268 KB)
Here is a different copy of Pascal MT+ for CP/M-86. This one should be a good one.
LINKpbasic86  (Sep 22 1997, 48 KB)
Personal BASIC for CP/M-86.
LINKpli-b  (Aug 14 1997, 148 KB)
This is the PLI compiler. It is very compatible with the IBM PLI compiler used on the 360. The only functions I found missing were DATE and TIME, which were easy to fake out.
LINKpli86  (Sep 1 1997, 192 KB)
Here is the PL/I compiler for CP/M-86.
LINKplm80  (Mai 25 1998, 340 KB)
Here is the PLM compiler, along with an ISIS emulator to run on your PC. This is supposed to be the compiler to use to build CP/M 2.2. This ZIP file now also has ASM80, the assembler required to process the output of the PLM compiler.
LINKplm80x80  (Jan 8 1999, 188 KB)
Another PLM Compiler: it runs on 8080/Z80 CP/M
LINKplm80x86  (Jan 8 1999, 188 KB)
Another PLM Compiler : it runs on MS-DOS
LINKrec  (Mai 8 1999, 124 KB)
LINKrez  (Dez 16 1998, 8 KB)
This is a Z80 version of the Ward Christianson RESOURCE disassembler with some enhancements. Binary only.
LINKxlisp  (Mai 8 1999, 60 KB)
Yes, there is a permutation of LISP for CP/M-86, and this is it! XLISP is an interpreted object-oriented programming language, with many nice features and capabilities. Even rabid LISP freaks can now feel "at home" with CP/M-86. XLISP is public domain.
LINKxlt86  (Sep 22 1997, 24 KB)
I think that this is an 8080 to 8086 translator for CP/M-86.
LINKz80forth  (Jan 6 1998, 36 KB)
FIG FORTH v1.1g for the Z80.
LINKzsid14  (Aug 29 1997, 20 KB)
ZSID for CP/M-80, MP/M-80.
LINKzsidpat  (Sep 22 1997, 4 KB)
Here is a patch for ZSID 1.4 for an Amstrad CPC computer. ZSID uses RST 6 instead of RST 7.

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