README.DOC          News and corrections MS-DOS 3.20          1987-08-10

The contents of this file is an addendum to the previous TeleNova MS-DOS
documentation for the COMPIS/SCANDIS computer. It replaces all previous

Topic                                                               Line
General changes in MS-DOS 3.20                                        36
CITOH           renamed to PREMUL
COM.SYS         Installable device for serial communication           59
COMPMODE        renamed to STDMODE
CPM             Boot CP/M-86                                          63
CPMDIR/         Handle CP/M-86 flexible disk                          66
CS              Change character set                                  71
DUMMY.SYS       Installable dummy block device                        77
EMULATE         PC ROM BIOS emulator                                  80
FCOPY/          Prepare and copy flexible disk                       108
FORMAT          Prepare MS-DOS disk                                  113
GETKEY          Read key value in batch file                         119
HDISK           Enhanced hard disk driver                            122
KEYBxx          Change keyboard layout                               127
NETPRINT        Print utility                                        151
NEWYEAR         Set default year (for COMPIS/SCANDIS I)              177
NOVAED          Full screen text editor                              182
PBOOT           Boot p-System                                        185
PREMUL          Filter PC characters for 7-bit printers              188
RAM.SYS         Installable device for RAM disks (only renamed)      201
STDMODE         Set standard keyboard codes and character set        203

General changes in MS-DOS 3.20

            Switching between standard/PC-mode does not change the
            screen handling ANSI/VT52-mode. Keyboard redefinitions (cf.
            KEYDEF) are preserved. Default is standard-mode and ANSI-

            CTRL-X (not ESC) cancels the current input line.

            If no network is connected, the devices LPT1 and PRN are
            the parallel printer connected to J7 and the device AUX is
            serial communication on J2 (9600, none, 8, 1). Redirection
            and change of parameters is available with COM.SYS and MODE.

            System key combinations (Super)Shift+Ctrl+key are no longer
            affected by the state of the CapsLock-key.

            Single-drive systems emulates two flexible disk drives (A
            and B) with the available disk drive. MS-DOS will prompt for
            change of disk.


COM.SYS     An installable character device for extended serial
            communication (cf. MODE). No longer included in the default

CPM         Quick boot of CP/M-86 without memory reset. Useful with hard
            disk or network.

CPMDIR/     The CP/M-86 flexible disk utility commands are now capable
FROMCPM/    of handling disks with 8 or 9 sectors/track. An optional
TOCPM       last numeric argument specifies a CP/M user number. Default
            is user number 0.

CS          The change character set command can be used to change
            nationality of the character set also in PC-mode. The normal
            PC character set is number 0 and the Danish/Norwegian PC
            character set is number 1. In standard-mode the character
            set can also be specified in letters (cf. CP/M-86).

DUMMY.SYS   An installable dummy block device. Can be used to obtain the
            same device names (i.e. Z:) in different configurations.

EMULATE     EMULATE v3.0 is an enhanced version of the PC ROM BIOS
            emulator. Three levels of emulation are available.

            Level 1 corresponds to PC-mode.

            Level 2 is a slightly enhanced version of EMULATE v2.0.

            Level 3, in addition to level 2, supports direct handling of
            the video memory for the monochrome or color/graphics
            adaptors. This level of emulation requires 768K of RAM

            Level 2 and 3 stays resident in memory when loaded.

            An optional parameter /1, /2 (default if 256K) or /3
            (default if 768K) specifies the level of emulation. If level
            2 or 3 is already loaded, the level of emulation can not be
            changed without resetting the computer. This must be done
            with the RESET button on the front of the computer.

            The different levels of emulation and other options are
            described in detail in the file EMULATE.DOC.

            NOTE! Use always the RESET button to restart the computer
            whenever the emulator is loaded!

            NOTE! EMULATE v3.0 may not be used together with PREMUL!

FCOPY/      The general disk utility commands can prepare CP/M-86 and
FPREP       p-system flexible disks, and copy MS-DOS (not 40 tracks),
            CP/M-86 and p-system flexible disks. Refer to your CP/M-86
            manuals for detailed information.

FORMAT      Single-sided flexible disks must be formated with parameter
            /1 (not /L). Parameter /4 (not /I) gives 40 tracks/side (PC
            format). For standard disk format in high density drive
            give parameter /9 (not /C). With parameter /C the disk
            directory is cleared.

GETKEY      A program for reading key value in batch files. The key
            value is available in the parameter ERRORLEVEL.

HDISK       Enhanced hard disk driver (cf. Hard Disk Manual). It
            replaces the driver in ROM BIOS version 3.02 (or later 3.0x)
            and stays resident in memory. HDISK sets the ERRORLEVEL 1 if
            "Driver is already loaded" or "Incorrect ROM BIOS version".

KEYBxx      The keyboard commands will activate the change immediately
            (no need to run STDMODE or PCMODE afterwards).

            The KEYBDA now gives a correct Danish (not Norwegian)
            keyboard layout and the new KEYBUS command gives an US
            English keyboard layout.

            The KEYBDA and KEYBUS commands loads a set of keyboard
            tables which replaces some of the keyboard tables resident
            in ROM BIOS.

            Only one keyboard program should be loaded after booting
            MS-DOS. The program remains resident in memory until you
            perform a system reset or power off the computer. If you
            load a second keyboard program, it will gain control of the
            keystrokes you type. However, the earlier program would
            still be in memory, and cannot be returned to.

            The KEYBDA and KEYBUS commands increase the resident size of
            MS-DOS in memory by approximately 1K bytes.

            The KEYBGR command gives a correct German keyboard layout
            only in PC-mode.

NETPRINT    Alternative print command that will take a filename as
            parameter. The file is output to the standard printer (local
            parallel or network printer). For network printers the
            spoolfile is automatically closed. PC print filter (cf.
            PREMUL) for all 7-bit printers or change of character set on
            C.Itoh 8510/1550 compatible printers is available.

            NETPRINT reads two additional parameters from MS-DOS. They
            can be assigned by the SET command.

            The parameter PRINTERCLASS specifies which of the 3 possible
            network printers to use (1, 2 or 3). Default is

            The parameter PRINTERMODE specifies print conversion or
            C.Itoh character set. The following options are available:
                0      No conversion (default)
                PC     PC to 7-bit character conversion
                JA, FR, US, UK, GE, SW, IT, SP, DN, NOR, NET, AF, FR2,
             or UK2    Change C.Itoh character set on printer

            If you put the line
                SET PRINTERMODE=PC
            into your AUTOEXEC.BAT file, you will get PC character

NEWYEAR     The IO.SYS file contains a default year, used for computers
            with old clock chips (COMPIS I and SCANDIS I). The NEWYEAR
            program updates this default year on the disk present in the
            default drive.

NOVAED      The full screen text editor uses the currently active
            character set (standard- or PC-mode).

PBOOT       Quick boot of p-System without memory reset (cf. Hard Disk
            Manual). Useful with hard disk or network.

PREMUL      The PC printer filter can be used for all 7-bit local
            parallel printers.

            It is possible to enable or disable the printer filter by
            supplying an optional parameter: /ON or /+ to enable, /OFF
            or /- to disable. The parameters /VER and /? display version
            number and filter status respectively.

            The printer filter is disabled during graphic screen dump.

            NOTE! PREMUL may not be used together with EMULATE v2.0 or

RAM.SYS     An installable block device for RAM disks.

STDMODE     Sets the standard COMPIS/SCANDIS keyboard codes and
            character set (cf. CP/M-86). Does not change the current
            ANSI/VT52 screen handling mode.