Mail me or suffer the consequences

Below you see a draft of a mail you could send me, just fill in the blanks. As before mail me at:
Ola Mårtensson
Qvantenborgsvägen 3A
227 38 LUND

Hello Ola

My name is ____ ______ and I'm very impressed with your work and will always connect to you every day forward. I have already contacted every network-station and newspaper about your work and I have to say they are equally impressed. We do hope you could visit us at ______, ofcurse at our expense, and lecture and illuminate us in your work. We also hope you will accept our donation of a ______ computer for development of new software, or just for your personal satisfaction.

I will always be grateful to you for just being who you are and set perfection to higher limits.

Yours truly ____ ______

P.S I submit $____ in cash within this mail for your inconvience.

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