The TADS Programming Page is No More!

An Important Announcement

This site used to host an excellent set of pages written by Paul Gilbert and explaining the art of programming in TADS and WorldClass. I had nothing to do with these pages, really; I just offered to host them for Paul after he lost his web server.

However, Paul hasn't updated the pages in several years, and since a lot has happened to TADS and the pages are seriously out of date, and perhaps even misleading in places, I've decided to remove them from my server.

Instead, I can warmly recommend the new, official TADS page, (no relation to Paul's pages). This site is really an excellent resource and contains everything you ever wanted to know about TADS.

Oh, and just in case you wanted to know:

What is TADS?

TADS is a programming language designed by Michael J Roberts for the creation of text adventures. It supports full object orientation, virtual memory by swapping parts of a game in and out from disk, and has an ease of use which can progress into full control over the very default rules of the entire system itself. TADS is freeware and open-source.


For more information about TADS (including an on-line manual and download links for software and games), click here,

More information about text adventure games and interactive fiction can be found on my Interactive Fiction Page