This is the official greetings page for the Travel Bug, Bruno (TBKWXY). You may read about the travel bug on the Geocaching website. Here you will only find pictures with greetings and who sent them. Click on the images to enlarge.

Bruno at Bahnhof in Heringsdorf
enjoying the Baltic See :-)

dieSchatzies, 5 October 2010

Hello!! Here´s Bruno... I took the plane from Barcelona to Düsseldorf, Germany... and now I am visiting Dortmund. Let´s see where I can go next?!!

matzeo, 25 April 2010

Bruno at Holesovicky industrial
Hello Bruno
nice to meet you - i place you to another cache in a few days - thans for sharing

raduz_CZ, 27 February 2010

Bruno at Velka Ohrada

Nalia, 16 January 2010

Bruno at Kostel sv.Mikulase ve Vrapicich
Hello.Bruno is fine.
I send photos from the Church of St. Nicholas.
Thank you. (Kladno CZ)

lap2, 11 November 2009

Bruno at Památník Jana Husa
posunem dál...

mnesicovci, 1 November 2009

Bruno at Kostel Narozeni Panny Marie

pewha, 13 October 2009

Bruno at Trojsky zamek / Troja Castle

behy007, 11 June 2009

Bruno at BUDKA
I taught him to ride the bicycle :D

Wraychus, 30 March 2008

Bruno at unknown location in Czech Republic

bobika1976, 9 October 2007

Bruno at Nykøbing F Zoo
Ok, I won´t be going where I intended to take bronu in the first place, for a while now.
So to prevent Bruno from going into hibernation,
I took him to a day at the local Zoo in Nykøbing F.
I will leave Bruno in a brand new cache one of these days,
for someone else to take him onto new adventures.

Malik74, 24 March 2007

Slagsta Glass

Bruno at Siljansbygden, Nusnäs and Slagsta Glass
TB Bruno also went to Nusnäs on the 4th august. The real Dalecarlian horse - the symbol of Sweden - is manufactured in only one place on Earth, in the little village Nusnäs by the Lake Siljan. At the sight he learned about manufacturing methods and the tradition of the Dalecarlian horse.

The last night TB Bruno stayed with us (6th august), we went to Slagsta Glass and had a farewell party. They serve a soft ice cream they make from an old recipe. It’s the best ice cream in the region. It’s sad to say good bye to a good friend like TB Bruno. He is now taking a well deserved rest at Marielund Travel Bug Hotel. We thank him for the good company at our holiday. We also wish him best of luck on his journey around the world!

Mimsan, 7 August 2006

Classic Car Week in Rättvik
Steam Boat Pier
The Hostel

Bruno at Classic Car Week in Jönköping, Steam Boat Pier, The Hostel and Gesundaberget
After a few days rest in Torshälla, TB Bruno went on a short trip to Dalarna (Dalecarlia) with us. The first stop, at the second of august, was Classic Car Week in Rättvik. He saw a lot of really nice cars and went for a walk on the steam boat pier. You have a great view on the town of Rättvik and on the shores of Lake Siljan. Classic Car Week is on the same week every year, week 31 or in early august. Classic Car Week has grown to become one of Sweden's largest car rallies and is being held for the fourteenth consecutive year, this year. Classic Car Week is a week filled with interesting outings, events and evening entertainment for everyone. Rättvik is situated in one of Sweden's most beautiful tourist areas. The area is rich culture and there are many opportunities for outdoor life and relaxation. There is a fantastic sandy beach, a golf course, local craftsmen renowned for their skills and one of Europe's most remarkable amphitheatres, Dalhalla.

After Rättvik, TB Bruno went to Mora. From time immemorial, Mora has been the centre of northern Dalarna. Here, Swedish history took a significant turn in 1520 when, after a series of adventurous exploits, King Gustav Vasa managed to convince the men of Mora to join the battle against the Danish king. A marked reminder of these events is the cross-country ski race, the Vasaloppet, which from meagre beginnings in 1922 has grown to become one of world's largest ski events. We stayed at a very nice hostel 5 km south west of Mora, “Mora vandrarhem och gästhem”. TB Bruno really enjoyed the picturesque surrounding and the homelike atmosphere at the hostel.

At the third of august, TB Bruno went on a trip to Gesundaberget. The mountain has a chair lift that is open during the summer. Millions of years ago a comet landed in this area. At the impact, which ranges among the ten greatest in the world history, Lake Siljan was formed. The mountains surrounding the lake are remnants of the crater edges. During the summer month’s people come here to admire the views and in the winter mainly to ski the expansive skiing area. The peak of Gesundaberget reaches an altitude of 514 metres which makes it one of the best outlook points over Lake Siljan. From the top of the hill the views are truly spectacular, including the bell towers of as many as eight parishes! The views have been awarded three stars in Guide Michelin.

Mimsan, 7 August 2006

Ales Stenar
Brahe Hus
Military Defence museum in Jönköping

Bruno at Ales Stenar, Brahe Hus and the Military Defence museum in Jönköping
TB Bruno went on holiday with us. The first place he visited, 27th of July, is a bit of a mystery. Ales stenar (Stones) is Sweden's largest preserved "ship setting" - stones set in the layout of a ship. We do not know for certain what function the stones have had through the ages, or what the ship setting symbolised for the people who created it. Ship settings 67 meters long and 19 meters wide, Ales stenar is one of the largest ship settings in the Nordic region. It comprises 59 carefully selected stones weighing between 500 and 1800 kilos. Ales stenar is situated on the coast at Kåseberga in the county of Skåne in Southern Sweden, around ten kilometres south east of Ystad. In Kåseberga and in Kåseberga harbour you can find food and handicraft items.

At the 30th July we started our journey to Mälardalen and Torshälla. The first stop was at A6-center in Jönköping. It’s a shopping centre next to the E4 motorway in Jönköping. You can park free here and take time to find what you want among 75 shops, restaurants, department stores and IKEA store. At the A6 Centre TB Bruno also visited the Military defence museum. He learned about the district of Jönköping, which early in history for hundreds of years was border country towards Denmark. The exhibition show locally used military equipment, dating from the latest century – the “A6 epoch”. After the museum in Jönköping, TB Bruno went to see the great view from Brahe Hus. It was a beautiful sunset at the ruin. One of the most well known sights in Gränna is Brahe Hus, the mighty ruin on the ridge above Gränna. It is the remains of a pavilion that Per Brahe junior erected in 1640. A fire down below in Uppgränna 1708 spread to the castle and destroyed it completely. In Gränna town you can find the candy “Polkagris” (peppermint rocks). Gränna "polkagrisar" are one of Sweden's most popular souvenirs. You can watch the manufacturing in any of the many bakeries.

Mimsan, 7 August 2006

Turning Torso

Bruno at Turning Torso (N 55° 36.797 E 012° 58.581)
Turning Torso, a fairly recent and very much debated landmark of Malmö. 190m high and a skeleton-like design has made the architect Santiago Calatrava known to most Malmö residents. Read more about Turning Torso here:

Skarabe (owner), 19 July 2006

Sound Bridge

Bruno south of Sound Bridge (N 55° 32.480 E 012° 54.627)
Before taking off, Bruno takes a picture with him in front of the Sound Bridge, connecting Sweden and Denmark. It helps him to ease the home sickness when traveling. You may read more about the bridge here -

Skarabe (owner), 6 July 2006