BaZo0Ka-RaPed GraNdm0tHerFuCkERs

The most evil death-metal band, Bazooka-Raped GrandmotherFuckers (BRGF), was founded in Trelleborg, Sweden, in the spring of 1997. Due to a cultural week at the local highschool, some death-metal guys thought this was the great moment of getting serious with the art of expressing their darker sides.

So, when the first concert was to be hold, eleven evil people got on stage as the death-metal collective Bazooka-Raped GrandmotherFuckers. The success was given, and they were asked to give another concert two days later. Meanwhile, a fan-club grew out of nowhere, giving the band evil and strong support from beyond. Then, a third concert was held, and with the fear of getting commercialized as many good death-metal bands before (making softer and more unevil art in order to earn more money and fit into society), BRGF declared this to be their last concert. Although the fans begged for more concerts, the guys couldn't sell themselves, and canceled a planned acoustic performance. You can't go along with this kind of artwork year after year without upgrading yourself; then you just get caught by capitalism as most of every other band.

Luckily, the last concert was caught on videotape, along with four live tracks available below. Long live these death-metallers, and may the dark forces be with them.

The Tracks:

tRaCk #1
TrAck #2
TRaCk #3
trAck #4

Audio engineer: Filip Strandqvist

The Band:

Alex, Veganen - vocals
Alex den Andre - vocals
Dödsmetallar'n - vocals
Jokke - vocals, flute
Filip - guitar
Guffe - guitar
Lilf - guitar
Jonas - slapp bazz
Prylis - percussion

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