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MessageSize in kB
A temporary loss of stability resulting from the impact of the concentrated plasma charge62
Access denied12
Affirmative21 (22 kHz)
All Enterprise personnel except the Captain and first Officer have been evacuated46
All Starfleet voice access has been canceled27
Analysis verified10
Authorization denied20
Auto destruct sequence armed30
Auto shutdown sequence in progress31
Automated defense procedures initiated24
Command codes verified24
Command functions are off-line26
Command unclear, please repeat25
Computer standing by23
Coordinates 4159.26 by 81921 by 312, heading 233, 4595
Danger, approaching safety limit of engine containment field36 - not so good quality
Data interpolation is complete33
Define parameters of program31
Diagnostic cycle will be complete in 20 seconds52
Direction unclear, please repeat request35
Enter when ready10
Evacuate bridge, deck 1 life support failure in 30 seconds65
Holodeck 3 program is ready16
Input algorithm not accepted29
Interface complete28
Inquires regarding command functions are no longer accepted from your present location40 - bad quality
Link established12
Lock-on complete11
No temporal anomalies have been reported26
Now establishing data link18
Picard command codes are no longer valid28
Please acknowledge15
Please input command codes27
Please restate a single question24
Please specify how you would like to proceed, sir30
Priority one broad-band distress signal32
Priority one message from Starfleet coming in on secured channel193 (44 kHz)
Procedure is not recommended27
Processing long range sensors, stand by46
Processing, stand by33
Program Alpha 1 is now complete35
Program complete14
Program complete, enter when ready76
Pursuing vessel approaching from 181, 1239
Receptors open. Control relays activated32
Requested function will require 2 hours to complete35
Requested subprogram is a series of bi-directional data transfer and monitoring commands67
Security authorization accepted23
Security clearance level 3 or above is required to access files47
Specify parameters17
Stability loss was due to an impact by a sub-space interface pocket44
Starboard nacelle not functional. Maximum available power 50%54
Systems online14
That information is not available18 - bad quality
That is correct12
That is not a valid question20 - bad quality
That program is already in use35
The activation complete15
The captain is not on the ship19
Transfer complete24
Transfer of data is complete32
Unable to complete requested function, please abort and retry53
Unable to comply16
Unable to comply, internal scanner relays have been damaged48
Unable to comply, level 1 safety protocols have canceled request44
Unable to respond18
Warning, exceeding reaction chamber thermal limit29 - bad quality
Warning, fires have been detected on decks 12 and 15, sections 8 4 through C1865
Warning, inner hull failure imminent on decks 23, 24, and 25. Decompression danger87
Warning, main fusion reactors will overload in 6 minutes54
Warning, outer hull breach26
Warning, self-destruct sequence has been initiated. Warp core overload in 4 minutes 45 seconds. There will be no further audio warnings120
Warning, warp reactor core primary coolant failure29 - bad quality
Zimmerman program Alpha One is now complete42
Intruder alert, intruder alert28


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