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The Voters


The purpose of the voters' club is to see what other people think. It is a club that allows discussions about public opinion in a uncensored fashion, where your anonymity is guaranteed as long as you use your common sense.


The creator and maintainer of this club is Gabe. Any complaints or suggestions regarding the club or the contents of this page, should be directed to him.


You do not need an invitation to join the voteres club. If you are experienced enough, you can simply visit the club house on Lazlar square, in the middle of Elm road. If you are inexperienced, you will have to go through a one day trial where the members will deem you worthy or not to join the club. Don't worry though - most people are accepted.

As a member of the club, you can hand out invitation cards to others, which will look something like this:

An invitation card to the Voters club.

Do you want to make yourself heard? Do you believe in democracy?
Do you care what others think? Or maybe you are just curious?

Join the voters club today!

It's located in the northeastern corner of Lazlar square on Elm road.


The behaviour is monitored by the members. If a member creates votes that are not appreciated by the members, the member has the option to abstain. If enough people abstain to a vote, the person responsible for the vote will be cursed from creating or participating in votes for one hour. If you use your common sense and do not use improper language or vote topics, you have nothing to fear. And if you do get cursed, it is only for a short time anyway. If you truly misbehave, you will be banished from the club by the maintainer.


To give you a sample of what type of questions people ask, here is an extract from the logs. Since it only shows the winning option, some of the votes may make more or less sense. Since censorship is frowned upon, the logs are not modified in any other way than that improper or offensive votes have been removed. The creator of each topic is anonymous. If you consider anything listed here offensive, please contact the maintainer of this club.

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