Bakelit is a CD containing 15 songs that were written and recorded by Stefan Blixt in 1999 and 2000. The songs on the record (playlist below) can be downloaded from at If you are interested in listening to other songs of Bakelit, send an email to

The music is a calm mixture of guitars and synthesizers. One friend thought it sounded a bit like "They Might be Giants". Despite being a TMBG fan, Bakelit doesn't necessarily agree. It has also been said that the instrumental bits has a Commodore 64 quality. This Bakelit likes.

Download the songs on the CD "Bakelit", released january 2001

Sing the Right Song
Letter-sending Sue
Whine Alarm
Death of the Sun
In Our Love
The Rich Disease
Welcome to My World
Newly-initiated Ordinary Man
Treating Grudges
Sunset Caravan
The Familiar
The Room

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