Antimon: "Doodles"

All songs composed, performed and recorded by Stefan Blixt. Released in May-June 2009

Available for purchase at iTunes, Shockhound, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, IMVU, Lala and Amie Street. Distributed via Tunecore.

Twelve instrumentals and one with lyrics. Style ranges from loungy guitar music to corny/sad electronics to technoesque trips.

This page contains free mp3 downloads for three tracks. Click on Intersession, He Flips the Boards, or Dry Jack to download.

  1. She Sits Two Seats in Front (2.31)
  2. I Came in Search for Knowledge (4.40)
  3. Intersession (3.23)
  4. He Flips the Boards (3.03)
  5. Don't Want to Be Here (2.25)
  6. Did You Find What You Were Looking For (6.00)
  7. A Fresh Cup of Coffee (4.00)
  8. Columns (3.00)
  9. Dry Jack (6.32)
  10. The Room Fills with People (5.04)
  11. Emotional Hangover (2.43)
  12. Incomprehensible But Charming (3.19)
  13. Glass Case (4.37)

Main instruments: Nord Modular G2, DSI Evolver (loads of presets were used from both of these), Rickenbacker 330. Thanks to everyone at for being a constant source of love, inspiration and encouragement.

Stefan Blixt