Thank You

A great source of inspiration and encouragement over the last few years has been, which is a forum and collective focusing loosely on the subject of electronic music in one way or another. I could start listing names of individuals there who have either helped me directly or just been an inspiration, but I'd forget someone and kick myself for it later. Serves to say, I love you all over there!

Besides all the inspiration, I've actually gotten to play on the live shoutcast concerts that have been organised and broadcast at This being the only actual live experience I've had, I'm very grateful to have been given this opportunity to try out my live skills and get some adrenaline flowing.

I've used a Titillium font by Accademia di Belle Arti Urbino here, thanks for providing this free font! I look forward to a web thriving with all kinds of @font_face uses in the future.

(This is disabled until I've error checked it some more). I'm using NiftyPlayer for streaming songs here, with my own home-brewed playlist thingie written in javascript. A neat little player, that.