About Me

Hi! My name is Stefan Blixt, and I like to dabble with music, making songs, tweaking synthesizers and fiddling with guitars and other instruments. Assembled here on this page is a bunch of collections of songs I've done since 1999, when I burned my first CD-R and nervously gave it to a couple of friends.

The music ranges from simple singer-songwriter pop tunes to instrumentals to wild experiments. Chronologically it kind of follows that order.

I grew fascinated with music and it's inner workings early on, making my first song in my head while riding the bike home from a biology excursion, somewhere around the age of 13. I still have that song lodged in my head - I've been meaning to record it for many years but somehow never get around to it.

The music here is organized into CDs that I've made and pestered friends with at some point, and lately more loose collections of similar stuff made at around the same time. many of the later entries contain electronic and experimental stuff I've played live at shoutcast concerts hosted on radio.electro-music.com.

If you want to get in touch or listen to stuff elsewhere, here are some places on the web: