Hugo Fernbom's cdplayer.ini

For users of Windows 95 (or Windows NT 4.0) that have a CD-ROM-player.

The file cdplayer.ini is the file that remembers the artist, title and song titles of the music CDs
you play from your CD-ROM-player in Windows 95's program "CD Player".
Here's a cdplayer.ini with most of my CDs.

That is with my very special mix of different music-styles, for example:
Depeche Mode, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, Alphaville, Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, OMD, Page, S.P.O.C.K, Elegant Machinery, A-ha, New Order, Yazoo, U 96, U2, R.E.M., Metallica, Jumper, Madonna, Daybehavior, Real McCoy, Adolphson-Falk, Gyllene Tider, Peace Love And Pitbulls, Mobile Homes, Nitzer Ebb, Pouppee Fabrikk, Die Krupps...

There are now 203 CDs and the file is 63 KB.
If you want to use my cdplayer.ini, then hold down a Shift key and click here, and then
Save as... cdplayer.ini, in your Windows directory, it's usually called C:\Windows\.
Overwrite the existing file? (This will delete your own previous entries.*)
Click Yes (if you haven't made entries in cdplayer.ini before, otherwise see the remark*)!

Put a CD in your CD-ROM-player!
Maybe the artist, title and song titles shows up... :)

Windows 95 can only handle cdplayer.ini-files of size < 64 KB correctly. (Bigger files can't be edited.)
Windows NT can handle cdplayer.ini-files of any size.

* You can also use parts of my cdplayer.ini:
   Quit "CD Player". Open my cdplayer.ini in your browser. Double-click on the file cdplayer.ini in your
   Windows directory and it'll be opened in "Notepad". Copy and Paste the parts you want from my file.
   Save. Exit "Notepad". Restart "CD Player".

If you also want my CD single entries then download
cdsingle.ini too. (The entries in this file are NOT in the cdplayer.ini-file.)

If you're interested only in my synthpop CDs then go to
Synthpop cdplayer.ini (The entries in this file are also in the cdplayer.ini-file.)

For more information and cdplayer.ini-entries: Responsible publisher: Hugo Fernbom.
Page created in February, 1997.
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