Who is Hugo Fernbom?

Hugo My name is Hugo Fernbom and I was born November 20, 1973.

I was a student at Lund University 1993-2011. My major was Computer Science, and I also studied e.g. Mathematics.
Before I moved to Lund (which is close to Malmö), I lived in Värnamo, a town about 200 km (125 miles) north of Lund.
I lived at Laurentiistiftelsen. That's a Christian students' hostel in Lund with a church within the Lutheran Svenska kyrkan.
I have an Intel i5 3400 MHz / 16 GB / 1+2 TB, a HP Laptop with touch screen and a 486DX2 66 MHz / 8 MB / 1+0.3 GB.

Some of the music I listen to:

My homepage has been reviewed in the following magazines:

Internet World
Internet World

No. 9/1997
Mark 6 of 10
  PC För Alla
PC För Alla

No. 4/1997
Mark 7 of 10

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