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Beach volley at Lago di Garda


We got a hint from Paula Penna that there could be good chances for Beach Volley at Lago di Garda at a place called Desenzano. Driving along the lake side we saw no beaches, there was not even ONE grain of sand within eye sight. Suddenly a net appeared behind a beach restaurant, and member Dirac Brogren who was driving, slammed the brakes and cried out like a wild boar. We found a parking spot really fast and backed up into a wall (yes, into the wall because it is not possible to lock the trunk). Some minutes later we entered the 'beach'. It turned out to be a pebble beach, where someone had dumped a ton of soil and put up a net. Several people where trying to hit a ball (sometimes they made it) and there was no place to put up our own net. Things did not look too good at this moment.

Next to the court sat a specimen of the fine old 'beachus kingus'. He noticed our high class beach balls - Mikasa VLS 200, and almost raised an eye brow. We asked him if we could play a game 'due-due' and he said yes. He also explained that he had played 10 years in the Italian beach championships, and that he had to quit that because of a bad knee. This is an good example of that if you are a really good beach volley player it shows even if you are just sitting down.

20 minutes later it was time for the game. The Dirac Duo was very excited because now we were about to play our first game on the tour. It was a really good game and we had a very good time, but we lost 15-13. Shortly after the game we had to leave for the Penna family again and we said goodbye to the beach king (who we named Caniggia), and we detected a somewhat sad look at his face. This we took as a compliment.

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No explanation needed who is the king !?!


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