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The first day in Barcelona playing beachvolley

started not very early. Here's a picture of us on our way to the beach. And one picture where we first found some spanish guys playing the game.

bvonway.jpg (18090 bytes)     bvfirstfound.jpg (11780 bytes)

On our way we met a spanish guy having trouble with his car. It was stuck in the sand! Of course the Dirac Duo gave him a helping hand. The solution was to put a couple of blankets under the tires and then drive slowly while also pushing by hand. At the first picture you can see the wheel down in the sand and the second picture you can see the spanish man saying thanks to the Dirac members.

bvhelp1.jpg (8910 bytes)      bvhelp2.jpg (11068 bytes)

Then we started playing with the spanish guys. Not very much fun! Actually no fun at all! So the bar was our option instead. Here's a couple of photos. Some of them has other things in the way (?) !

bvford.jpg (8503 bytes)     bvworthless2.jpg (4398 bytes)     bvworthless3.jpg (7700 bytes)

The bar was a lot better....

bvbar1.jpg (9440 bytes)  bvbar2.jpg (6583 bytes)  bvbar3.jpg (10574 bytes)

After this we were more or less ready to give up for the day, but we gave it another try and found this...

bvparty1.jpg (8484 bytes)         bvparty2.jpg (6154 bytes)

We asked the girls on the picture to the right if they wanted to play a mixed game since they didn't seem to have anyone to play with. They wanted, so we put up our net and started to play. A guy named Xabi came and joined us, and after a while a couple from Vancouver that spotted good volleyball from a beach restaurant.

Here's pictures with Fred playing with Xabi, Dirac Löfström with Angie, Dirac Brogren with Claudia...

bvgame1.jpg (4692 bytes) bvgame2.jpg (6101 bytes) bvgame3.jpg (5599 bytes)


bvgirls.jpg (15326 bytes)

Angie and Claudia resting after the games...


Then the Dirac Duo was challenged by the couple from Vancouver. Below you find two pictures from that game.

bvcan1.jpg (14525 bytes)

After a perfect set from Dirac Löfström, Dirac Brogren could quite easy pass the block! (Lucky again?)


bvcan2.jpg (10312 bytes)

We don't know who took this picture but Dirac Löfström looks like it was the end of a ball.


After the game we decided to meet the next day at the same place, same channel. And the next day the same people showed up again. But that day there were several new ones as well. Look at the page "the second day in Barcelona" for a lot of photos of beachvolley. The last picture on this picture shows the canadian couple, Anette & Mark.

bvcancouple.jpg (7459 bytes)


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