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Moon, Jupiter and Venus, February 18, 1999

Moon, Jupiter and Venus, February 18, 1999

Click on the picture above to pull up a high resolution version (1578*1074).

This picture was taken on February 18, 1999, at about 16:15 UT using a 70-210 Sigma telezoom mounted on my Canon AE-1 SLR camera. The lens was set for a focal length of approximately 150 mm. The film was Fuji's Superia 200 and a local 1 h lab printed the negative on AGFA paper. The paper copy was scanned at 300 dpi using an AGFA SnapScan 310 scanner.

I do not yet know which frame on the film strip was used to make the very print I scanned. Exposure data will (hopefully) follow when I've matched the print with the correct negative.

You don't want to miss my pictures of comet Hale-Bopp that NASA chose as the main illustration of their Hale-Bopp site.

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