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Ask Images of 970916 Lunar Eclipse

Click on any of the pictures to pull up a larger version. Please also read the information below the pictures.

17.41 UT, 1/60s
17.53 UT, 1/8s
18.37 UT, 2-3s
18.42 UT, 2s
18.52 UT, 3s
18.59 UT, 2-3s
19.02 UT, 2s
19.07 UT, 2s
19.12 UT, 2s
19.17 UT, 3s
19.20 UT, 2s
19.25 UT, 1s
19.30 UT, 1/2s
19.35 UT, 1/8s
19.40 UT, 1/30s
19.45 UT, 1/60s
19.50 UT, 1/60s
19.55 UT, 1/125s

All pictures of the eclipse were obtained with a 400mm lens and a 2X teleconverter, yielding an effective focal length of 800mm and f/11. Please keep in mind that the teleconverter is of rather poor quality and unfortunately degraded the images somewhat. The film was Fuji Super G 800 Plus and the site was Lomma in southern Sweden.

You should also note that the sky was more or less clouded during the entire photo session. My original plan was to take one picture every fifth minute, but this just wasn't possible. There are big "time holes" in the sequence above and of course they correspond to periods when heavy clouds obscured the moon.

Due to the constantly drifting clouds, the change in appearance (for example the colour of the moon) from one image to another may very well be more due to atmospheric phenomena than anything else. Every single picture was taken through the clouds, causing scattering of the light which had a severe impact on image quality. Don't forget that if you should ever consider using my pictures for any kind of "serious" work.

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Lunar Eclipse Observer - Home Page Nice site with a great deal of general information in addition to an animation of this particular eclipse. Some of my pictures have been used in the animation to fill in the gaps when the CCD cameras at this Australian site were unable get any pictures.

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